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10 best films of 2017

The year 2017 will be fruitful for the sequels of the highest-grossing films. Many film fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the story of Avatar, the next Star Wars or a meeting with funny captain Jack Sparrow. And it happened! Next year you will be able to enjoy watching the new storyline not only of these movie hits, but also of many others, who will also be greeted with applause from millions of viewers around the globe. We made the Top 10 most anticipated film premiers of the next year.

Avatar 2

Premiere: December 25, 2017

Genre: a fantastic action movie

Opens our top ten "Avatar 2", the first part of which was released in 2009 and broke many cash records. In the new film, we will again return to the green planet Pandora and will follow the continuation of the love story of the earthling Jake Sully and an excellent representative of the people on the Nyviri. Most of the plot will develop in the depths of the ocean. Many fans of the film will appreciate the return of Grace Augustin - the character Sigourney Weaver. Despite the fact that she died in the first part, a new avatar is waiting for her in the franchise.

King Kong: Skull Island

Premiere: March 9, 2017

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

The film is set in the 70s of the last century. The main character will have to go to the foggy Skull Island, where once King Kong was caught, to find his missing brother and some mysterious substance. During difficult searches, travelers encounter monstrous monsters that populate the eerie island everywhere. Release of the sequel will begin in theaters from November 4, 2016.

Fast and Furious 8

Premiere: April 14, 2017

Genre: Action

The plot of the next franchise is carefully hidden by the creators before the premiere of the official release. In the meantime, very little is known. The film will unfold on the streets of New York. The main enemy of Dominique Toretto and his friends this time will be the father of the criminal authority Owen Shaw, with whom the street racers have dealt with in the previous series.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead do not tell fairy tales

Premiere: May 26, 2017

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

In the new part of the film of the fearless Captain Jack Sparrow, dangerous adventures lie in wait. This time, the old enemy captain Salazar, who along with his ghostly team, decided to kill all the pirates, including Jack, opens it up to him.Stop the villain under the force only to the owner of the trident of Poseidon, who will become the patron saint of all seas and oceans. The main character will have to make a lot of effort to get such a powerful thing.

Star Wars. Episode VIII

Premiere: December 15, 2017

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action

The new film is a continuation of the previous part of “Star Wars. Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The creators assure that they have tried their best, and an interesting and exciting spectacle awaits us all. The audience will be lucky to watch the fantastic adventures of long-familiar characters. But a new character named Tasha will appear in the picture, who will reveal the terrible secret of the Sith Lords. They are able to pull all the power out of the victims, thus supporting their power and strength.

Wolverine 3: Old Man Logan

Premiere: March 3, 2017

Genre: fantasy, heroic thriller

In 2017, we will see the last film about Wolverine - a brave mutant with superpowers. A heavily aged Logan will appear on the screen, and he will have to fight against the sworn enemy. In the upcoming battle, Wolverine will not only have to save his loved ones, but also plunge his opponent forever.

Thor: Ragnarok

Premiere: November 2, 2017

Genre: action adventure, fantasy

The film takes place in Asgard. Upon his return, Thor discovers that by his actions Loki brings the most terrible event closer - Ragnarok. Through him a battle will occur, the completion of which will be the complete destruction of Asgard. Trying to prevent the impending tragedy, Thor unites with the Hulk in order to defeat the evil demon of Surtur's fire, who dreams of Ragnarok's offensive.

Alien: Covenant

Premiere: August 4, 2017

Genre: horror, thriller, science fiction

The film is a continuation of the film "Prometheus". One of the leading roles, Michael Fassbender, says that the sequel is much worse, better and bigger than the first part. It remains only to wait for the release on the screens to see everything with your own eyes. About the plot is little known. The crew of the spacecraft "Testament" discovers an uncharted planet, which they think is "Paradise". But in fact, this planet is more like hell, and the only inhabitant of which is Android, David, who survived from the whole team of Prometheus.


Premiere: January 6, 2017

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Fans of Tom Cruise are looking forward to the premiere of the film "Mena".According to the story, the audience falls into the late 80's. The protagonist, Barry Seale, a former airline pilot, becomes a drug dealer, and after a while the CIA recruits him to expose a network of US smugglers.

The beauty and the Beast

Premiere: March 2017

Genre: fantasy, musical, screen version

Before us is a remake of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”, filmed by the studio Walt Disney Pictures, which children and adults enjoyed watching. Everyone remembers the plot of this beautiful fairy tale, which teaches the most important thing: that a person should be loved not for his external beauty, but for a kind and sympathetic heart. This wonderful film can be visited by the whole family.

As you can see, next year we will have unforgettable film premieres, which you should definitely watch and get a lot of pleasant emotions.

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