Aps Film True Versatility, Or Just Another Gimmick

In the 1990s Kodak developed a new film format called the Advanced Photo System, or APS. This was a 24 mm wide film that was rolled into a cartridge that could be dropped into the camera and automatically loaded. It was marketed as the most versatile film system, because it shot three image formats, a […]

Celebrities Who Battled Depression

There are ways to handle depression that do not involve drugs, but if you are suffering from clinical depression, you should see a doctor. When you have been diagnosed with depression, sometimes it can help to learn about other people who have dealt with this problem. This lets you know that you are not alone. Reading about people who have fought depression and overcome it can also give you hope.

Here are some celebrities who have battled depression.

1. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is known for his work on the hit television show Mad Men. However, when he was only 20 years old, he suffered from chronic depression after his father died. Luckily, he used the structured environment of work and school to his advantage. He was in college at the time, and having a structured schedule helped him recover. He also went to therapy and took antidepressants in order to get out of this situation.

2. Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is known for her acting talent these days, but she revealed in her memoir that she actually considered committing suicide when she was in sixth grade. She also spent 42 days in a rehab clinic in 2006 so

Top Celebrities Fighting Cancer

It’s been referred to as the “Big C” and many more. It is a disease that can test the faith of the ones faithful and take away the minuscule hope of those hopeless. It is a disease that does not discriminate and can care less for the afflicted’s status in life. It is a disease that the world is trying to get rid of. It is cancer. To put it in simple words, cancer is an disease that starts from a tumor. Any person can have cancer. Even the popular and spectacular celebs go through the ups and downs of cancer. Here are some of very talented and well known celebrities that found out they had the Big C. All of these celebrities came forward in the open and gave it their all while battling the life altering disease. Christina Applegate is an award winning mainstream actress that used to play of Kelly Bundy in the sitcom: Married With Children and now as Samantha Newly on the show, Samantha Who. Last August 2008, reports that Christina have breast cancer are released all over TV and the Internet. Her publicist confirmed the reports that Christina is diagnosed with breast cancer. The

The Reasons People Want To Have White Teeth Like The Celebs

The laser beam activates the ingredients to release oxygen that actually works on the chemicals causing the stains. This is a procedure that is performed in the chamber of the dentist. A big advantage of this method is that generally it does not require you to visit the chambers of the dentist more than once. You just need fix up an appointment for once, visit the chamber, and get your teeth laser treated.

As a matter of fact, not all teeth respond well to total whiteness. This forces some to partake surgery of the teeth just to achieve clear white tooth. The rich and famous obviously have the money hence use the most expensive procedures only to ensure that their teeth are appealing to the others.

When the ordinary teeth cleaning procedure seems ineffective, they always gone for the high end tooth whitening like the laser whitening which have proved effect to them. And to those of the lesser or average lifestyle, gone for the ordinary tooth brushing methods.

The relationship between dental restorations and teeth whitening is very peculiar, studies based on products that use 10% carbamide peroxide showed that patients who used to teeth whitening products suffered no

Celebrity & Psychotherapy Life And Artistic Dual Career Difficulties By Jeraline George

There was a reason why famous French Philosopher Voltaire said “What a heavy burden is a name that has become famous too soon.” Fame is what many of us dream to see. But fame can have some serious implications on your life. Depression, anxiety, emotional and interpersonal difficulties are not uncommon for many people with fame who are dealing with problems in their life and this is when psychotherapy for your artist often becomes an important point of consideration.

As procrastination, low self rejection, love relationship problems, letting go of a narcissistic partner and much more are seen to be the results of the creative world at times, which is often the reason why you will find so many celeb men and women having psychotherapy treatment.

Nowadays, many individuals wanting psychotherapy for their artist work with an expert through online counselling, face to face sessions or telephone counselling.

Psychotherapy For Your Artist

Actors in psychotherapy are not uncommon as the trend by celebs to talk about their therapy hasnt gone unnoticed. So much so the BACP recently highlighted the number of celebs promoting talking treatments such as Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, David Bowie, Elton John, Geri Halliwell, Madonna, Robbie Williams,