What is passive aggression

What is passive aggression? If some people openly show negative emotions, others suppress them and keep them to themselves. Passive aggression - a separate type of behavior, which has its own reasons. But such a phenomenon can and must be fought. What is it?

Seriously Invented Selfie Spoon

Really?! Invented the selfie spoon Sticks for selfies - one of the most controversial inventions of the last couple of years - now available in the form of ... spoons. Yes, yes, now you can eat cereal for breakfast and take your favorite selfies!

LED Flowers

LED Flowers LED flowers can be made of quite affordable materials. We will need: 1) Plastic (mostly green) two-liter bottles from lemonade 2) Copper varnished wire with a diameter of about 0.7 mm (you can replace the wires of twisted pair, but the effect.

Alicia Silverstone divorces her husband after 20 years of relationship

Alicia Silverstone divorces her husband after 20 years of relationship It seems that the example of Evan MacGregor and Yves Mavrakis, who divorced not so long ago after 22 years of marriage, inspired some stars. Now a 41-year-old actress Alicia Silverstone and her husband.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar for the skin

The benefits of apple cider vinegar for the skin Apple cider vinegar can become a real panacea for the skin of the face, because the pectins, minerals and enzymes contained in it can restore the lost balance with age. Problem skin, premature aging, age.

All Day High Mood Easy - 10 Lift Jokes

High mood all day? Easily! - 10 jokes about the elevator Screenshot from the film “Hotel Grand Budapest” Walking the stairs is certainly good and very useful - a pile of muscles works, calories are burned like at the stake of the Inquisition, and.

Dalai Lama resigns as head of the Tibetan government in exile

Dalai Lama resigns as head of the Tibetan government in exile The spiritual leader, tired of fighting for the independence of his country from China, decided to resign. China does not believe the statements of the Dalai Lama. Photo: Archives of press services Dalai.

Energy vampires: how to escape

Energy vampires: how to escape If the source of an energy attack on the street or in the supermarket is enough to move away, then from colleagues at work or domestic vampires there is nowhere to go. The main problem - to recognize the.

How to become a referral

How to become a referral? Natalya Kosenko November 4, 2014 The word "referral" is familiar to all who tried to earn extra money on the Internet on affiliate programs. Advantages of the profession are in a free schedule and unlimited earnings opportunities. The referral.

The whole truth about pine nuts

The whole truth about pine nuts Pine nuts are, one can say, a classic example of the healing gifts of nature, which did not go unheeded, which is not surprising, because in its rich composition, they are able to outrun many modern medicinal and.

Jessica Alba Shows Newborn Son

Jessica Alba Shows Newborn Son Jessica Alba calls herself an anxious mother. The birth of his daughter Onor was not easy for her, only after the birth of her second child, baby Heven, did she learn not to panic about every sneeze. Now that.

How to celebrate the birth of a child

How to celebrate the birth of a child? Yana Lisitsina April 19, 2015 All important events of life in Russian culture are associated with numerous rules and beliefs. The same was true of the birth of a baby. Today, most of the previously adopted.

Candied Melon

Melon Candied Why chew? Personally, I hear this question every day, more than once. Although, most likely, for most mummies he has become familiar. Sweets cooked at home, with the store will not be compared, but sometimes that time is not enough, then the.

How to live life

How to live life? Let's find out what needs to be done in life so that it is long and most importantly - happy, and how to live life so that later at the end of your life you will not suffer from lost.

Homemade Tripod

Homemade Tripod If you do not have a tripod or you are too lazy to carry it with you, this homemade work is for you. This is a very simple fixture that will help you make your photos clearer in low light conditions. Of.

How to save beets in the winter

How to save beets in the winter? Vera Shiryaeva November 4, 2014 A good harvest of vegetables in the garden is vitamins on your table in winter. So try to keep them until spring. Not everyone can properly store vegetables, so in this article.

How to deal with psychological pressure

How to deal with psychological pressure? Psychological pressure is not only unpleasant, but also very dangerous. And so you need to learn how to resist him. What could be psychological pressure? To understand the essence of pressure and learn how to resist it, you.

How to bake carp

How to bake carp? Watch the video How to bake carp? Carp is a river fish, therefore it is distinguished by a certain specific smell of mud or stagnant water. This fact should be taken into account in the process of cooking this fish.

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