Film Set Scaffolding Suppliers And Movie Scaffolding

South Africa has become a haven for film productions. Cape Town is a particularly popular location, but the rest of the country has also seen an increase in the number of films being produced. With the increased number of productions being shot in both studios and on location in South Africa, the demand for film […]

Celebrities With Short Hair

Drop Dead Gorgeous Celebrities with Short Hair

Girls love to look at their favorite fashion model or movie celebrity with different hairstyles – after all, they set the trends, don’t they?

Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from this list of hot top people in the spotlight who love to wear their hair on the shorter side.

Should They Change?

Imagine your favorite star with a different hairdo. This fun piece is all about the styles and celebrities with short hair. Imagine and fantasize.

How do you feel about today’s cuts and trends?

Maybe you are ready to pull out the scissors and start cutting your long hair. Maybe not! Do you unabashedly put your stock in the power of a flowing and luxuriant style in transforming anyone into goddess-like beauty?

Certainly, that is the kind of beauty treatment we’ve all been brought up on – models tossing their heads around on shampoo commercials, from lines in any romantic poetry that linger in your mind, and of course from George saying to Seinfeld, “I like thick lustrous hair; if I put my hand into her hair will I be able to take my hand out?”.

The Celebrity Pull

All this can make the rest of us, who have hair that

The Consumption Of Image Editing Services In Film Industry

Good Ads and media campaigns can boost a films success and vice versa
-Ads, banners, flex, media trailers etc form the main pillars to the launch of a movie as they come far before the films release
-If the shots taken dont have the desired quality, it has adverse effects on the minds of the public, whatever the medium be
-Scope of image editing here with a range of possibilities/services
-In-house processing adds to many risks like overburdening of staff, cost increase, wastage of creative time and energy etc.
-Benefits of post processing services/outsourcing

No other entertainment has taken us head over heels as the glossy and mesmerizing film industry has done. As a mass entertainer and a mob-mover, the films sometimes take the role of people integrators, moral makers and or to make things worse, iconoclasts. But how far do we know the film industry in detail? How many of us know the hassles and hurdles involved? From the germination of a thought to the final output as spotless movie, a films course is not a bed of roses.

Advertisements and media campaigns act as the harbingers of films waiting to be released which

Klingshield Window Film Key To Data Hacking Prevention

PressRelease) Klingshield’s 2011 range of Metalized Window Films applied directly to the glass has proven to contain sensitive Wi-Fi data signals and has immerged as a key aid in the wireless hacking epidemic, rising world wide.

Johannesburg, Guateng – Klingshield the world’s largest installers of window film has released an innovative window film technology capable of insulating sensitive wireless networking signals within a building environment.

Klingshield’s Titanium and Platinum coated window films contain an invisible layer of metal which acts as a shield and in turn, weakens or restricts the broadcast of wireless data signals. By radically reducing such broadcasts, data hackers are limited to snooping and gaining unauthorized access to sensitive corporate and government data.” We often hear of incredible stories- how hackers drive by with sophisticated detection equipment looking for networks ripe for picking” said Leon Levy CEO of Klingshield. “Once found, these hackers often break into such networks which typically contain vast amounts of information” added Levy. “By applying Klingshield’s reflective window films, signals are limited and naturally the amount of networks to be snooped by white collar criminals radically reduces.

Military personal and police have been the early adopters of this window film technology for cyber

Tips To Survive Working In The Film, Television And Video Business

Get the Word Out

Once you opt or the trade decides for you, that you just area unit getting to work as a freelancer, you have got to appear. occupation each television station or production company in city and asking if there’s work on the market can get you completely no wherever, except to harass the person respondent the phone. And resumes within the mail? They find yourself within the trash.

The simplest and best factor to try and do is social networking. making a profile on sites like,, (Media-Match could be a pay web site, the others have free basic listings) not solely helps to convey you an area to indicate your stuff, it conjointly validates you. Your profile on these sites holds additional weight than a paper resume, it provides you additional stars, thus to talk. And it gets your name out on the net in an exceedingly searchable format-when somebody hops on Google and kinds in your name, your connected In profile comes up.

2. Being Paid-What Method?

I know this appears weird to be range 2, however before you are taking your 1st freelance gig you need to decide however you’re getting to